I was thinking: what would be the best first post to publish on my new blog?

So, here it goes: why I’ve chosen Jekyll over Wordpress. Because of its

  • Speed: Static HTML pages are small, lightweight and perform fast.

  • Version Control: Contents and files remain on your computer. Perform backups or keep track of changes via GIT or SVN — it’s quite easy without a database.

  • Flexibility: Ruby and Liquid — Jekyll’s foundation — empower you to easily extend its functionality. Or just use one of many plugins created by a striving community.

  • Security: Anything you’ll ever put on your server are static files — chances are good that you’ll never need to worry about security concerns anymore.

I also wanted to try something completely new that I’ve never used before, and something that I can host free on Github under my name. I needed few days to get my head around it, and I’m still learning…

If you’d like to give it a try just go over to the Jekyll website and you can see for yourself. Or if you prefer here is a less geeky article about it.


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