Studies say that 20% of apps are opened only once so it’s crucial to get the first impression right. Doing that is not easy and we won’t be able to convince all users to open up the app more than once. Just accept the fact that we can’t please everyone but we should certainly try to attract and keep as many people as possible.

Starting with the first time user flow where we should have clear communication how the app can help users ensuring that they will come back again. Also an easy, intuitive experience should be provided to our users so that the app can deliver its promise by starting with the value proposition as our users would like to know what’s so good about the app and what they’re going to get out of it before they commit

After we’ve done that, then move on to briefly explaining app functionalities in a few words, that’ll keep users focused and interested. Also we need to make sure the onboarding process is as simple and easy as possible, try to get it done in a couple of steps always communicating how far users are from setting up an account. You can tell where they are by using a progress bar, numbers, charts or texts-whatever suits the best for your app.

When users have finished the registration process, we should show them how the app works. Too much text can be off-putting for many people so a visual how-to-use-the-app would be more suitable, remember “a picture is worth a thousand words”.

Also make sure the app conveys information using a friendly tone of voice and plain English. Always think about your target users, how you would talk to them.

We want the app to be an ongoing experience where users can learn new things, so you don’t need to overload people with information but make sure you communicate the main features explaining how they can make your users life easier.

At the end it’s all about our users, without them our app won’t exist. We need a deep understanding of our users and how they interact with the app. Make sure you do user testing often, test each feature, iterate and re-test your prototype before handing over any final design for development.

Lastly, this video is mainly for game apps but I found it very useful and applicable to the apps I’ve been working on, I highly recommend to watch it as you might be able to apply some of the principles onto your next project.